Traditional Cuisine in the Casa Peiró in Coll

Casa Peiró C / La Plaza 7, COLL T: 34 973 297 002


At just 4.3 km from Barruera and with only 33 inhabitants, Coll was the smallest hamlet we visited in the Vall de Boi. Finding the Casa Peiro Restaurant was easy. Located in the central square, the outside is rustic, like any other small hotel in the valley. The restaurant on the first floor was as expected, having a family feel.

As it was nearly eleven o’clock in the evening and seeing that the dining room was nearly empty, I timidly asked if we could still eat and got the unexpected reply, “No.” The manager of the restaurant and the reception, who was also the owner, explained that the kitchen was practically closed and it would have been better to book in advance. I thought it was a joke as only two tables were occupied, but it wasn’t. I later discovered that the Casa Peiro Restaurant is one of the gastronomic gems most frequented by the valley’s inhabitants.

Happily common sense and good service presented themselves. The kitchen’s manager, the lady’s brother and co-owner of the hotel, agreed to keep the kitchen open a little longer and, unbeknownst to him, gave me one of my best memories of the valley.

The only condition was that we had to commit to the complete 18€ menu, which included a couple of typical appetisers, a starter and a fish or meat main course. The price also included dessert, drinks and coffee. Everything was homemade using ingredients from the region, a detail which was evident in the flavours.

The restaurant forms part of the Hotel Casa Peiro, which was renovated in 1980 and originally built in 1974. They serve typical seasonal food from the Pyrenees. A family-run business, the experience of more than two generations is evident in the restaurant’s style and its food. Good, friendly service with the aim of doing things to the best of their abilities

Typical food from the Pyrenees with light modern touches. They serve the Rosa de Barbastro tomatoes almost exclusively. These are supposedly the best tomatoes in the world according to those in the know. Weighing almost a kilo each, they have a unique flavour and meatiness. For my starter I had a truly excellent “ventresca tuna” with virgin olive oil and salt petals.

The main course of Pyrenees flame-grilled beef and the free-range chicken in a tender stew took me on a journey of intense flavours only provided by mountain cooking. In other words, it had not been tainted with industrial products.

The desserts were surprisingly good, completely homemade, simply presented and with generous portions. There was nothing sophisticated about them but quality of this kind is not easy to find in a typical city menu.

The menu included a young red, DO Somontano. It was fairly good, with a colour and bouquet typical in this region of Aragon. With better wine glasses, it probably would have been a better experience.

With the complete menu at 18€ per person, it is highly recommendable. They also offer a tasting menu at 35€ per person but I did not have the chance to try it. They say that you remember the food as being more delicious if there is a good atmosphere and it seems that Casa Peiro proves the rule. Observing the pleasure of our fellow diners while we were eating confirms that there is no better way to round off a trip than by eating in the right place.

Casa Peiro is one of those places that makes such a good impression that it makes you want to go back to the Vall de Boi just so you can arrive at eleven o’clock for another surprisingly unforgettable evening. But remember to book in advance just in case.

Cómo ir

Servicio diario de autobuses: línea del Pla de Ermita de Taüll a Vielha. Sale de Barruera a las 08:40am y tarda 32 min. Lo más recomendable es ir en coche propio.

Coche: si viene de Barcelona el trayecto tiene 275 km y una duración promedio de 3h 19 min. Siga la autovia A2 hasta antes de llegar a la salida 504 y coja la C53 dirección Balaguer /Val d’Aran, luego continue por la C26 dirección Alfarrás, posteriormente tome la N-230 dirección Pont de Suert, finalmente al pasar la localidad de Pont de Suert tomar la L-500 que llevará directamente hasta Cóll.

Si viene desde Barruera el trayecto tiene 6,9 km y una duración de 15 minutos. Siga la carretera L-500 y llegará a Cóll directamente.